Wolves LA Joins Forces with Altered State to Reimagine Influencer Marketing Services

Creative agency and e-commerce platform offers a seamless experience for brands, partnering with premier influencer agency to deliver trend-aligned, commercial-grade content enhanced by top influencers.



Wolves LA Joins Forces with Altered State to Reimagine Influencer Marketing Services

Creative agency and e-commerce platform offers a seamless experience for brands, partnering with premier influencer agency to deliver trend-aligned, commercial-grade content enhanced by top influencers.

LOS ANGELES, CA - Altered State Productions, a trailblazer in creative media and e-commerce, announces a groundbreaking strategic partnership with The Wolves LA. This collaboration with the innovative partnerships agency promises to redefine partnership marketing. While Altered State brings their creative expertise, The Wolves LA contributes with their vast network of influencer and affiliate connections.

Altered State Productions, known for its media agency shopping experience, has a robust portfolio in media production, advertising, technology and affiliate, serving clientele including the likes of New York Fashion Week, Dallas Blends, Samsung, Welks Resorts, and Valyōu Furniture.

The creative agency’s contributions to the industry have been highlighted by Snapchat and Semrush case studies on campaign effectiveness, strategic alliances with powerhouses like Sunny Creative and Linked Helpers, and their pioneering ventures into emerging tech, including the virtual office initiative powered by Spatial as well as the expansion into the Central America entertainment industry.

With the upcoming launch of their CREATE platform, a dedicated hub for media production, Altered State reminds everyone that they are, at their core, creatives first. The platform features work spanning video, sound, design, and experimental works which includes a music beat shop, branding suite, an engaging AI chatbot inspired by Ada Lovelace, plus a showcase of the next generation of talent at Altered State Productions.

The Wolves LA, under the leadership of Director, Combina Key, has carved a distinctive niche in influencer marketing and affiliate management. Having led groundbreaking brand campaigns for esteemed brands such as Lionne, Capriotti’s Sandwich, Blaze Pizza, Executive Styles, and Valyōu Furniture, their trajectory is synonymous with a pioneering spirit

The Wolves LA has fortified their industry’s standing with numerous viral campaigns and broadening their social media marketing relations to encompass not only Instagram models and TikTok stars but also Amazon influencers, Pinterest personalities, Snapchat creators, YouTube talents, professional athletes, and reality stars. Their data-focused strategic approach, paired with a commitment to transparent communication and comprehensive solutions, has further cemented their position as an industry favorite.

After unveiling their marketing e-commerce store in 2020, Altered State Productions is now charting an audacious new course. This new platform paints a vision where businesses, while shopping for influencer marketing services, have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate elements from video commercials to specific influencer appearances, color grading, and tailored media distribution—all within a streamlined add-to-cart process.

"By utilitizing our Service-as-a-Product (SaaP) model, businesses have the capability to tailor influencer services— from product launches, to events and high engagement giveaways. And with The Wolves LA by our side? Well, picture a volcano erupting with neon liquid gold”, mused the co-founder of Altered State Productions, Eddie Castillo.

Together, Altered State Productions and The Wolves LA plan to offer a suite of services that bridges the gap between media production, e-commerce, and influencer marketing. This includes curated influencer campaigns, transparent contract negotiations, comprehensive post-campaign analyses, dynamic video ads, and an intuitive marketplace for media production services.

In the forthcoming fusion between a leading creative agency and a top-tier influencer marketing agency, the anticipated outcome is multifaceted. Stakeholders can expect high-caliber, cinematic content enhanced by partnerships with key influencers. These influencers, carefully selected, will not only expand audience reach but will also contribute their unique creative perspectives, ensuring that the content is both resonant and representative of platform trends and culture.

"In our increasingly mobile-centric world, where our phones have become our shopping extensions and swiping feels as natural as breathing, brands need more than just visibility. They need to genuinely stand out, resonate, and leave a memorable mark. We noticed a rising demand for influencer services to complement our existing offerings. Similarly, The Wolves LA experienced a surge in requests for video post-production and distribution services. Upon analyzing the market and our respective strengths, it became clear that this partnership was a logical step. Our aim isn't just to merge services, but to optimize influencer service shopping, making it as streamlined as adding a new pair of shoes to an Amazon wishlist ," shares Hebert Huerta, co-founder of Altered State Productions, with heartfelt enthusiasm.

Brands, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, can tailor their narrative by choosing  influencers using insights from Buzzguru by SEMrush. Complemented by The Wolves LA's extensive influencer connections, ensures that every collaboration not only fits the bill but also packs a punch in terms of value. With both agencies experiencing complementary demands, their union promises to lead brands on a renewed and seamless journey in the creative, influencer and affiliate marketing landscape.

For more information on the collaboration and the range of services offered, visit alteredstateprod.com and thewolves.la

About Altered State Productions
Altered State Productions is a leading Dallas marketing agency known for its innovative digital solutions, including video production, branding, and e-commerce services. Their recent launch, CREATE, is a testament to their commitment to driving digital innovation in the industry.

About The Wolves LA

The Wolves LA is a premier partnerships agency based in Los Angeles. Founded by Combina Key, they offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to streamline brands partners programs, ensuring enhanced brand reach and elevated ROI.